Friday, December 26, 2014

How, Where to Buy Pope Francis Visit in Manila Souvenir Online?

How, Where to Buy Pope Francis Visit in Manila Souvenir Online?

Queries or searches online about where to buy souvenir items of the visit of Pope Francis in Manila is already flooding the web. So this simply shows that not just the people in the Philippines are excited for the Papal visit but also the people around the world or most specially those Filipinos working or living in other countries. So for them to become part of the Historic visit of Pope Francis in their Beloved Country, they would want to purchase or buy souvenirs online.

So here are some of the websites or online store where you can buy Pope Francis Visit in Manila 2015 Souvenirs or Gift Items.

Souvenir Items you can buy are rosaries, handkerchiefs, keychains, bracelets, foldable fans, T-Shirts, mugs, T and many more.

Online Store for Papal Visit Souvenirs: – this website was created by Lozatech Digital Marketing Inc (LDMI), in partnership with Radyo Veritas. Buy Souviner now.
Buy Souviner now.
Buy Souviner now.

Aside from the online stores of course there are so many local stores or malls are already selling memorabilia or souvenirs for the Papal Visit 2015 in Manila such as the following:

  • CPCB in various SM Mall all over the Philippines.

  • National Book store in all Branches

So you can just request to your relatives or friends in Philippines to buy those souvenir items if you don’t want to purchase online and instead just ask favor from them and they will just send to you via international shipping like FedEx or if you are in other cities or provinces that’s via 2go, LBC, JRs and many more.

I hope this article helps you in your queries.

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